Peter Diamandis course Review: Exponential Advantage

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Peter partnered with top experts in exponential growth industries that he methodically disrupts. In this course he offers his methods as a roadmap with specific sign posts that you can use as triggers to position yourself accordingly. Board members include Google founder Larry Page, Billionaire Richard Branson, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins...

How Can You Capitalize On Stem Cell’s 10x Growth to $170 Billion by 2021?

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New discoveries could lead to an anti aging market explosion , Peter Thiel invested in a Silicon Valley startup (Ambrosia) doing trials of Parabiosis (transfusing younger human blood plasma into older bodies), it's causing a reversal of aging symptoms while Crispr Cas 9 is ripe to disrupt big pharma.

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A new business model is methodically disrupting every industry and it's not done yet. Opportunity abounds and you should be scrambling for footing. I'm determined to dissect it and expose the patterns. I am fascinated by this digital revolution and I'll unpack business models from platforms that show explosive growth and which industries are poised to crumble by disruption then explode withe this new business model as the smartest people in our era change the world. I'll inspect what works and present practical, actionable applications of what I learn to help people ride the tidal wave rather than get wiped out by it. Find out when, how and why exponential growth works. I'll show Case studies, comparisons and how I think it can be applied by a practical and average person. This helps me organize my thoughts and I hope it's helpful to others.

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