The Genetics Revolution

Reprogram your biology

Ray Kurzweil, founder of Singularity University and Chief Of Engineering at Google explains that the genetics revolution will allow us to reprogram our own biology by reading, writing and editing the human genome.

Stem Cell Research

According to Peter Diamandis, advancements in stem cell will reverse aging and disease.

Peter is the founder of the X Prize that successfully privatized space travel, Singularity University with Ray Kurzweil, the Director of Engineering at Google and author of the best selling book Bold.

Peter explains that biosensors will be standard in handheld devices such as smart phones, and that we will be able to self diagnose, get perfect answers from artificial intelligence and even get a prescription issued and mailed to us by a physician all within the app store.

How will you capitalize on this?

“The genetics revolution will allow us to reprogram our own biology.”

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