Peter Diamandis course Review: Exponential Advantage

Exponential Advantage Course Review

Your Playbook for going BIG, creating wealth and impacting the world.


Abundance 360 Digital (A360D) includes 5 unique elements:

(1)  Live-Cast of Abundance 360 CEO Summit
(2)  Ask Peter Anything (Live Monthly)
(3)  Exponential Webinar Series (Live Monthly)
(4)  Entrepreneurs Workshop (Live Monthly)
(5)  160 Video Curriculum – 8 Modules

Let me begin by saying that I am not an affiliate of this program nor am I associated with them in any way.

I have read Peter’s books and followed his progress for years.  To put it lightly, he see’s the future as a bright place, a utopian view, much like Star Trek.  Other genius minds at his level such as Elon Musk, who I also love and follow, see a rather distopian future.  Both of them are building into the future with rapid advancement.  They just take different approaches.

The course outline: 

Price: $750

Length: 8 weeks – 12 modules

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Introduction To Exponentials

Module 3: Evidence For Abundance

Module 4: Exponential Technologies (Part 1)

Module 5: Exponential Technologies (Part 2)

Module 6: Mindset & Moonshots

Module 7: Tapping The Crowd

Module 8: Launching Your Vision

Module 9: Driving Innovation

Module 10: Closing

Module 11: Xponential Tools

Module 12: Q&A Recordings

The course videos seem to be shot in 2015 so remember the pace of change.  A course in technology advancement is old news fast.  However, the long play here is important enough not to render it void.

He has an important model for launching any grand vision.  One main point is launching it above the line of super credibility.  He covers this in his books so I won’t cover it here but the point is to find super credible people to spread your message through, rather than sounding like a nobody spouting crazy talk.  In order to do that you have to be very good at finding and teaming with extremely influential people.  That is how he started.

NOTE: Peter started at Harvard, so take this advice with a reality check of where you are starting.


8 Technologies That Will Change The World

  1. Infinite Computing (cloud)
  2. Networks
  3. Sensors
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Robotics
  6. 3D Printing
  7. Virtual & Augmented Reality
  8. Genomics

Peter is involved in business ventures in all of these technologies.

The goal is to disrupt them and create a 10x improvement, rather than an incremental 10% improvement.

You can see Peter’s ventures here. they include Planetary Resources which plans to mine asteroids for the trillions of dollars worth of minerals buried in a single asteroid.  He became famous for Xprize which is a crowd sourcing platform for audacious goals such as private space travel, partnering with powerful people such as the founders of Google (Lunar Xprize). You teaches these concepts at Singularity University where he partnered with Ray Kurzweil (Director of Engineering at Google, famous inventor & best selling author) and Salim Ismail, advisor to Fortune 500 companies to make the switch from traditional business models to the “Exponential Organization” model.

The 6 D’s

Every industry will be disrupted by technology.  The goal in this endeavor is to put yourself on the right side of it.  Understanding the phases that create disruption will help you spot it as you move through the landscape in life.

  1. Digitization
  2. Deception
  3. Disruption
  4. Demonetization
  5. Dematerialization
  6. Democratization

This is covered in all of his books and just about every speech he gives.  However, in this course you don’t just listen to him say it again. You are assigned research as follows:

Dissect your industry of choice and answer the following questions:

•  Where in the Six D’s is the technology in your industry?

•   Who’s investing in this technology? Who are the teams and companies behind it’s development and funding? (Do they have super credibility)

•  Has there already been an interface moment? Is there still an opportunity to create one?

• How might this technology affect my business or life? How might it affect my kids, my customers or my community?

NOTE: Most industries are still ripe for disruption. This will be occurring at a rapid pace for the next decade as the digital revolution forces out the old and launches the new. Similar to the industrial revolution pushing out horses and introducing cars.  We’re pushing out cars and introducing self driving cars.  Even after they’ve been disrupted, it’s not uncommon to disrupt the disruptor. Google did this.  They didn’t create the search engine, they improved on it and took over.

The Interface Moment

What was once scarce is now abundant because of an interface.

The “Interface Moment” is the point at which any common person can intuitively wield a power that was previously only possible with specialist knowledge.

The browser was an interface moment.  The internet was available since the 80’s but it wasn’t until the browser came out that any Tom, Dick or Harry could type in a search query and get all the known information in an instance at their finger tips.  This moment causes an explosion.

Pros & Cons


• You get a clear idea in a broad stroke fashion of what is developing in the future.

• The point of this course isn’t to give you technology lessons, it’s to show you the 8 technologies to employ to create an exponential business

• The 8 technologies will become your 30,000 ft view which makes it so much easier not to get lost. It’s a road map. Think of any vertical then quickly breeze through it’s network capabilities, cloud solutions, interfaces, etc and you immediately start to see holes.  Irreplaceable rule of thumb for quick mapping of what to do next.


• Broad stroke approach doesn’t give much detail so you have to take it from there and learn about specific technologies

8-weeks of video lessons that are unlocked on a calendar schedule.  I have a problem with this as you feel like you can’t move ahead and the videos are sometimes short enough to get through an entire module in one night. You must wait for weeks for the next module to be accessible.  I believe this has to do with the refund period.  So you can’t watch the entire course in a weekend and refund it.  You have to wait 60 days to get the entire course downloaded.

Much of the material is a duplicate of what he wrote in his books Bold and Abundance.  The advantage of taking the course is that it’s the equivalent of an extension course. It has practical assignments to apply the knowledge to your specific circumstances.  Although, if you can’t apply robotics to your current business than you can’t really do much with some of it.

Having said that though, even though I had heard him say most of what is in this course before, it never sank in the way that it did after doing some practical homework on the subject matter.

Skate To Where The Puck Is Going…

8-week course by Peter Diamandis will become your go-to resource to help you up-level your abilities, clarify your vision, and access the tools and resources you need to create a life of abundance and global impact.

“We can do things today that were only dreamed of before. The world’s biggest problems are the worlds biggest business opportunities.  Exponential thinking is fundamental.”

Exponential Advantage Course Review by Peter Diamandis

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