How To Sell Self Driving Cars

It’s all about positioning, pivoting and repositioning as a business model – as though that’s business as usual

Today’s entrepreneurs are poised for historical success.  This era is defined by an incredible revolution of massive transformation of the likes we haven’t seen for 200 years.  The speed at which this revolution is taking place compared to the industrial revolution is blindingly faster.  If you wrap your mind around the idea that the new steel and oil is now networks, sensors, cloud computing, robotics, AI, VR/AR and synthetic biology, then you will win.

Autonomous vehicles are to standard automobiles what the standard automobile was to horses…a game changer.

As Peter Diamandis explains in this video, fully electric, autonomous shared vehicles are being put on networks including  Ubers, Lyft, Didi, Cabify, Wingz, Careem, Ola and others that have global presense of users with a growth rate that rivals the internet.

“Ridesharing is one of the fastest-growing segments in the transportation market. According to data compiled by Statista, the number of users of ridesharing services will cross the half-billion mark in 2020.” – Tech Crunch

The user base in those networks is already enough to launch a serious disruption on the auto industry. As soon as self driving cars are declared safe enough by governments, they will deploy masses of them in ride sharing first and a viral contagion will happen globally.

At that point, the comfort level in main stream public will be highly confident and personal, traditional vehicles will fade away quickly, the way horses did.

Exponential Tools:

  1. Sensors
  2. Robotics
  3. AI
  4. Computer Vision Cameras & Graphics Processors  

The sensors to be aware of are the following:

Lidar: Light based radar

Radar: Senses 30m range of the car

Ultrasonic: Sound waves bounce off objects for orientation

Wheel Speed Sensors: Sensor on the wheels to report speed to algorithms

Helpful Sources:

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Anthony Levandowski, a self-driving entrepreneur

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Want to invest in self-driving cars? Check out the chips

Your Homework:

Watch the Nvidia stock, (chip supplier), and note where you might have an advantage to dabble in any part of the supply chain…or just buy stock.

Get self driving car updates – I’ll update you as soon as there’s an entrepreneur rush into this area. As of now, it’s a high rollers room only but it always trickles down.

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