Exponential Roadmap: Top 5 Courses For Understanding Platform’s 10x Growth

Scale & adapt 10x faster, better and cheaper than your competitors

Launching Your Bold Vision & Startup

Your Digital Lego Pieces:

  1. Foundation: Cloud services

  2. Digital Glue: API strategy and architecture 

  3. Accelerator: Open-source and reusable software 

  4. Digital Treasure Chest: Mobile development platforms 

  5. Real-time Business Models: Driven by the Internet of Things 

  6. Containers: Independence and portability of software.
    Source: Accenture Global Management (a Fortune Global 500 company)

Think of this period of history as the early 1900’s. Horse and buggies ruled city streets in 1904, there might’ve been 2 cars to every 100 horses. People said horses fuel themselves on grass which is everywhere. Gasoline is hard to come by, cars will never catch on…10 years later (by 1917), horses were not seen on a city street, only automobiles. Entrepreneurs created peripheral products and services which spawned entirely new industries.

in much the same way that automobiles created mechanics, the internet created web designers and thousands of other examples I’m sure you can think of.

Build your 21st century business while the timing is hot!

“The single biggest reason startups succeed is timing.”
– Bill Gross, founded Idealab, an incubator of new inventions, ideas and businesses

Here are just a few resources that I’ve found helpful in my journey to transform my family business into an exponential business model.  As Sangeet Paul Choudary puts it, from a pipe to a platform.

I am confident that once you are aware of the elements that make up the digital business model, cloud computing, networks, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will start seeing where it’s working right in front of you already.  You will start to piece together a vision of what’s coming and you will capitalize on opportunity as it begins to present itself to you.

These courses range from FREE to $$25,000 each.


Develop your opportunity radar and hone your skills with these courses…

 1. Singularity University Program Directory

Singularity University’s portfolio of startups reads like a Star Trek episode. Including 27 startup companies ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to Neuroscience and biotech.  They’re tackling industries from Insurance to Health, logistics and manufacturing, Energy and Environment, Networks and Nanotech…The future is being created at SU.  They offer services to assist you in creating or building your company and even partnering.  They offer workshops and weekly webinars.  Lengths of courses range from 2 day workshops to 8 week instructional videos with homework assignments and forums to interact with students via Facebook groups and live Q&A’s. Prices vary widely and are on a case by case basis.  Don’t expect this to be cheap.  Past offerings have included $30,000 with Google partners where Google promises to fund each students venture and $14,000 for a week long firehose of Silicon Valley Instruction on NASA’s campus in Moutainview, CA.

2.  Abundance 360 by Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis is also one of the founders of SU and holds his own annual event, Abundance 360. It costs $12,500 to attend it live, last I checked, but you can buy streaming video for much less and you can take his courses which range from as little as $250 to a few thousand dollars each.  The attendees in these courses and events are impressive. Ranging from celebrities to Fortune 500 CEO’s and political figures.  Abundance 360 aims to be the TED talk event for technology and innovation.  I’ve taken his course on Exponential Roadmaps and you do get live personal webinars with him where you can ask him anything as a group. Granted, you and 1,000 others are on the webinar so chances of getting your question answered is much less than attending live and speaking on the mic.  The information is inspiring and the perspective gained changed my life. Although applying any of it to your own circumstances on a small scale is not possible at such a high level.  It’s more like a birds eye view, not a how-to instructional video.  So you can get a grasp on the big picture.  It helps to see where things are going but it’s left up to you what to do with it from there.  If the homework just doesn’t apply to anything immediately actionable, which was the case for me, you’re left out on your own. If you’re not part of a well funded startup or Enterprise with approved budgets to take risks with experimentation, take into consideration that you might only get perspective, not immediate benefit.  Although, it did eventually lead me away from what I was doing into platforming my company which is a huge undertaking.  I do recommend this course but with a word of caution, the ol’ “drinking from a firehose” applies as he jumps from high level, broad stroke explanations in artificial intelligence to genomics.  It’s up to you after the course to start educating yourself in ways to apply the parts that might apply to you.

3.  Exponential Organizations Master Course

Exponential Organizations is a course by Salim Ismail, the original founder of Singularity University who now has his own course which costs about $2,000 and is aimed at enterprise companies that need to make the adjustment in their business model from a pipe to a platform or as he calls is an “Exo” which is short for an exponential organization.  He has a score card he calls the ExQ score (exponential quotient) that anyone can take that scores the scalability of your company. He lists the 100 most scalable companies in the world as well as the top 100 Exo Fortune 100 companies that will have challenges making the shift to this new business model.  He is offering his service to those companies to help them successfully make the shift as an advisor. There will be much opportunity in those companies if you hold the skills required to make the shift.

4.  Salesforce Classes by Cloud

Salesforce started as a CRM for sales divisions but it has grown to be much more than that.  They have one of the best artificial intelligent engines in sales today called Einstein to aid sales people in finding the best targeted prospects to sell to first. There is a whole list of courses specifically designed for the office administration and staff to up level their skill sets to be hired in this new business model where things are based in the cloud. Prices are not cheap ranging from $500 – $5,000 per course but these skills will be in high demand.

5.  Coursera: Digital Business Models

Created by Lund University (a top 100 university globally), this course is aimed at senior execs, business strategists and economics students to understand the nature of disruption and extend their own business.  It explains the structure of companies like Apple, Amazon and Google, giving numerous examples so you can apply it to your own business. This course explains that software developers have become the new decision makers and the engine of digital business models using industries as diverse as aviation to healthcare. The course is 4 weeks long and can be audited.  The cost to complete it with a certification is a whopping $49 but you can audit the course for free.  This is why I love Coursera! which happens to be an Exponential organization, a platform that is disrupting education.

Free PDF’s on Digital Platform Exponential Business Models:


Platform Ecosystem Rules  • Platforms beat products every time. • Remake the supply chain to “consummate the match.” • Open the top or the bottom of your platform to unexpected innovation, but don’t open both. • Look to your overlapping users to see where tough competitors will attack

Notable excerpts:

“Within five years, a core component of corporate valuations and capital markets will be based on their platform ecosystems and digital assets.”

“The unparalleled growth of the digital economy has put it on course to account for 25 percent of the world’s entire economy by 2020, up from 15 percent in 2005.1 As this growth continues unchecked, platform business models represent a fastincreasing proportion of the overall total. The rewards that this expansion offers are astounding”

Top Rated Books On Platform Business Models:

The Platform Business Model Blueprint

Get high growth tactics discovered by the smartest and most funded Silicon Valley advisors to achieve moonshot goals and massive impact. Capitalize on the tsunami wave business model headed your way.

“Peter Diamandis offers a visionary roadmap for people to change the world.”

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